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1. Anagram

from collections import Counter

s1 = 'below'
s2 = 'elbow'

print('anagram') if Counter(s1) == Counter(s2) else print('not an anagram')

2. Binary to decimal

decimal = int('1010', 2)
print(decimal) #10

3. Converting string to lower case

"Hi my name is Allwin".lower()
# 'hi my name is allwin'
"Hi my name is Allwin".casefold()
# 'hi my name is allwin'

4. Converting string to upper case


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1. Machine type

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  1. Add a .gitgnore file [The files and directories mentioned in this file will not be pushed to the remote]
touch .gitignore
git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"
git remote add origin
git push origin master
git push origin HEAD:<your_branch_name>

  1. Pinterest
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Community web page of the flask

Disadvantages of flask

  1. Not suitable for big applications.
  2. Community.
  3. Full-Stack experience.
  4. No admin site.
  5. No login or authentication.
  6. ORM.
  7. Migrations can be difficult.

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  1. ascii_letters
  2. ascii_lowercase
  3. ascii_uppercase
  4. octdigits
  5. punctuation
  6. whitespace

1. ascii_letters

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import calendar

Print a month’s calendar

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import math
  1. ceil and floor
  2. factorial
  3. gcd
  4. sqrt
  5. pow
  6. sin, cos, tan
  7. exp
  8. fabs
  9. isclose
  10. constants

Ceil and floor functions

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  1. mean()
  2. fmean()
  3. geometric_mean()
  4. median()
  5. median_low()
  6. median_high()
  7. mode()
  8. multimode()

1. mean()

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  1. If the device is a mobile/PC
  2. Browser name
  3. Browser version
  4. OS of the computer or mobile
  5. OS version
  6. Device name
  1. The 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' header data from the request object
  2. Using a django-user-agents library.

1. The 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' data from the header

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How does it work?


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