Cloning or copying a virtual environment

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I recently came across a situation where I had to copy my virtual environment and paste it into another directory. This worked perfectly fine. But I noticed that the VIRTUAL_ENV path inside the “activate” file was still pointed to the original directory from where it is copied from.

I searched for ways to completely clone a virtual environment from one directory to another. The following method was much simpler and worked perfectly fine.

How does it work?

  1. Install the virtualenv-clone inside the virtual environment which you wish to copy elsewhere.
$ pip install virtualenv-clone

2. We need to run the following command providing the path of the original virtualenv directory and the target directory.

$ virtualenv-clone source/venv target/venv

That is it. The new virtual environment will be cloned to the target directory. We can go to the target directory, activate the virtual environment, and get started.




Python Developer | Django Developer | Python Enthusiast

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Allwin Raju

Allwin Raju

Python Developer | Django Developer | Python Enthusiast

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