Gmail — Move emails to promotions

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Is your inbox cluttered with promotional emails or newsletters from websites that you cannot unsubscribe to? Don't worry there is a way to hide these emails from your inbox.

Gmail enables us to create advanced filters to filter our emails. With the help of the filters that we created, either we can apply them to the inbox in case we only need to perform a search or we can specify certain actions to the filtered emails.

Clicking on the expand icon (Down arrow) from the search bar in the Gmail webpage will open the advanced filter form.

Gmail advanced inbox filter

Gmail by default provides some folders. The promotions folder is one of the default folders provided by Gmail.

We can move the emails to promotions folder or even we can create a new custom folder and move it there.

The steps to be followed are,

  1. Open the email and click on the three dots at the top right of the email. The following options will appear.

2. Select the “Filter messages like this” option. This will open up our filter advanced filter form, which we have seen above. Since we came from the mail to this screen, the filter will have the sender address filled in the from field. (Which means all the emails from this sender will be filtered by this filter)

3. If we do not want all the emails from this sender to be filtered, we can also add more details to the filter. For example if we want only the emails with subject as “Sales” or “Offers” from this sender to be filtered, we can add those keywords to the subject field. Click on create filter, after adding the necessary filter data.

4. You will get the following screen.

5. Select the categorize as option and choose “Promotions” as the category.

6. Click on Create filter and we are good to go. All the existing emails which are subjected to this filter will be moved to the Promotions folder.



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